TREMISS is the official TREMISS BlockChain coin!

Token TREMISS standard ERC20.

This token is generated to attract investment in the TREMISS BlockChain project after the TREMISS BlockChain start, the TREMISS ERC20 token will be exchanged for a TREMISS coin, direct buyout or accepted on the CRYPTONIX exchange as an investment deposit.

Coin TREMISS standard TREMISS BlockChain - the official coin!

After launching TREMISS BlockChain, the possibility of mining a TREMISS coin starts.

TREMISS Coins is an unprecedented security P2P payment tool.


Algorithm: TREMISS.

Block size: dynamic (no restrictions).

The generation time of the unit with a reward: every 10 minutes.

Block Rewards: Dynamic from 10STS to 100STS.

Issue per year: dynamic from 500,000STS to 5,000,000STS.